DIY Palette Sectional

Hellooo friends! For today’s blog I’m mixing it up a little bit with a DIY for our back deck! Two weekends ago my boyfriend and I made this sectional out of palettes. I love how it turned out! The rustic vibe is so my style and it was really easy to make.

            I got excited when the weather started getting warmer because I love being outside! I have been planning my dream deck for months now, so of course I’ve been looking for outdoor furniture. I was finding it crazy that outdoor sectional couches average $900 or more! Too expensive for me. That’s when I started finding inspiration on Pinterest (of course) to build our own out of palettes. I wouldn’t say we are a very crafty couple, but we did make the bar in our basement out of palettes and our coffee table out of crates!

Before we started cutting we had laid out what we wanted the shape to be. Our deck has two sections, the top part has our patio set and grill. The second part of the deck is two steps down and the gate is on that level to our side yard. I decided to have an L shape in the far corner from the gate.

We started with laying each palette down and cutting them in half with a circular saw. Initially we wanted to keep them the original width but I’m glad we decided to cut them in half. The second photo above shows you how wide they are. After they were cut in half we stacked two on top of each other to get our desired height.

What’s fun about working with palettes is that no two palettes are the same, which really adds character to the pieces and the construction doesn’t have to be perfect. We finished off the front and sides with shorter pieces for a more refined look. We also put shorter pieces of wood on top of the palettes horizontally to make two built in, end tables (see below on the right).

I got these amazing seat cushions from Target! They are 4 inches thick which makes the seats a perfect height. I wanted a darker color that would last long outside and hold up to spills or dirt, so I went with navy, and they’re only $30 a piece! I didn’t think I’d find cushions that were thick and wide enough that weren’t custom cushions; these were a great find. The fire pit I bought from Walmart months ago on sale so I’m not sure if it’s still available but if it is I’ll link it below.

How cute are these pots?! Both of them are from HomeGoods, one of my favorite places. I love the texture and design on each of them and the glossy finish, I think they really compliment each other. The two plants I got from Home Depot, the larger plant is a Cateracterum Palm, and the smaller plant is a Majesty Palm. The two lanterns are from Target and so are the pillar candles. The lanterns add an intimate touch and they look great burning at night!

deck15 - 1

I found the blanket, two rectangular pillows and orange pillow at HomeGoods. The two green leaf pillows and the blue patterned pillows are from Target. I really wanted to incorporate the orange pot by bringing out the color with the orange accent pillow. The string lights are from Target as well,  I bought them months ago on clearance so I will link them below if I can find them. Target has a lot of different options for string lights.

deck13 - 1

I love to experiment by mixing different patterns and textures. That was the inspiration for my pillow choices. I tied them together with the similar blue and green colors. The blue pillows from Target were only $15 a piece and the greens ones were $20 a piece. The  pillows from HomeGoods were $20 a piece. Both stores have such a great selection at great prices.

We still have plans on completing the upper half of our deck, but I am so happy with how the sectional turned out. I think it really compliments both of our styles and it was fun to build! I hope this inspired you to get creative with your backyard and maybe you can build something of your own.

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Thanks for stopping by! xo


Product Links:

Target Seat Cushion

Fire pit

Large Palm

Small Palm


Pillar Candles

Blue Target Pillows

Green Leaf Pillows

String Lights


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